A Child’s View opticians are certified by the American Board of Opticianry and several are licensed with the State Medical Board, SLD division. Each optician must also have a minimum of five years’ experience before joining our quality team. New hires undergo a lengthy and extensive training program to prepare for this pediatric specialty. Based on the text book written by our CEO, our coursework is the most comprehensive ever offered. Developed and perfected over 30 years, the curriculum and the techniques employed continue to evolve, incorporating a cutting-edge approach with time-proven performance.



RobertRobert Silva ABOC, SLD- Robert Silva, ABOC, SLD, is a vital part of A Child’s View, celebrating twenty years with the company and 25 years in the field.   Robert’s relaxed, easy-going nature and his innate ability to interact with children have created an atmosphere of acceptance, compassion, and fun that is appreciated by all who enter A Child’s View, Laguna Hills.  Robert excels at frame design, frame customization, and fitting challenges, making him uniquely qualified to serve as buyer for the company and manager of Laguna Hills.   Robert’s culinary skills are legendary and his artistic photography make each of us look better!


JulieJulie Snyder ABOC, SLD-  Julie Snyder, ABOC, SLD, joined our staff more than twenty years ago and considers A Child’s View co-workers like family. Julie prides herself on the quality of her work and delights in listening to children who make her laugh . . . and sometimes cry. She finds reward in fitting each child, paying close attention of optical and cosmetic considerations.  Julie appreciates the challenge of customizing a frame to optimize performance or to accommodate a unique prescription.  She is loved by many and this company is blessed to have her as part of our team of pediatric opticians.

barneyBarney Singleton ABOC– Barney Singleton, ABOC, has been with A Child’s View for more than a decade.  Barney demands that A Child’s View lenses not only meet, but far exceed government ANSI standards.   We are fortunate to have a lab manager with the skill, integrity, and exacting standards of Barney Singleton.




Franc C1

Frank Cardenas ABOC- Frank Cardenas, ABOC, is not only an excellent pediatric optician, he’s also very good at making children laugh.  With more than ten years in the field, Frank was a little intimidated at the prospect of interacting with the very young. That concern proved unwarranted as Frank’s natural ease and professionalism transcend age. Since joining A Child’s View in 2013, Frank has been a comfort to confused parents and an ally to apprehensive children. Based primarily in Brea, Frank finds working at A Child’s View especially rewarding and getting a child to smile makes his day! Frank has been well-received as our new manager of A Child’s View, Brea.

Anne P1Ann Peugh ABOC- Ann Peugh, ABOC, attended Optical College in Stockholm, Sweden before coming to the US in 1989. Ann has been a valued member of the A Child’s View team since 2000, working in each of our three locations. She enjoys interacting with children and finds it especially rewarding to (comfort) help put a new family at ease, explaining the importance of their child’s eyewear while offering instruction to help the child successfully wear glasses. Ann values her co-workers for their shared knowledge and talents and considers it a privilege to work with people she likes and respects.


Kristina K1Kristina Kimura Lopez ABOC- Kristina Kimura Lopez, ABOC, SLD, joined A Child’s View in the summer of 2013.  She has over a decade in the optical field and is passionate about her profession.  She finds working with children especially rewarding and enjoys encouraging and motivating while fitting children with the most appropriate eyewear.  Kristina is an eyecare volunteer having traveled as far as Paraguay to provide eyeglasses to those most in need. Currently, Kristina divides her times among our three locations and serves as our Social Media specialist.



Linda R1Linda Romero- Linda Romero has been with A Child’s View since 1999 and is a familiar face to many who visit our Laguna Hills location. With more than thirty years in the optical field and more than twenty years specializing in children, Linda has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Linda’s smile and cheerful attitude put kids and nervous parents at ease making the process fun and rewarding. Linda feels there is nothing more rewarding than fitting a young child with the first pair of glasses!